May 26, 2010

My first electricity attempt

I made my first working chandelier with my husband"s help. I'm a nut in electricity! I use a table tennis ball for the half globe. The gypsum stucco is airdry clay, on the photo you can see the mold: a glass salad bowl.
The mask is a venetian souvenir, Edit's favourite decoration.

And the great news:


I tried to show it in sunshine, but there is no any sunshine here. Every day it's raining at least once, but rather twice. Is this the status all over in Europe? I want a week or only three days without water coming from everywhere! Look at Edit's room! The ceiling has soaked!


Lara said...

It is a beautiful chandelier. I love it. What did you use for the rest of the chandelier (I mean the metal parts)?

Bözse said...

Paper, beads, chain of a broken trinket, the rod is the stick of a cotton bud (it's hollow, and there is space for two lines in it). The ring around the globe is the rim of a pill box. And brass acrylic paint on the whole frame. I use everything in the house to make my minis.

Norma Bennett said...

You are amazing!! I would never have thought of using a cotton bud stick to run wires through! The light fitting is just fabulous.

I have sympathy about the rain you are having, same here in Sydney, days and days of it.

Flora said...

The chandelier is a splendid example of Art Nouveau! I see also you "think in miniature" ... I know something! Around the house looking at each object with the eyes of a coroner, thinking how I can dissect it and what can I get it :-)
I live in Sardinia, in the middle of Mediterraeo, and also here spring is hiding. Today is not raining (yet).
A hug, the sky is blue above the clouds :-)

Ascension said...

Me encanta el efecto tan real que has conseguido en la escena
La lampara queda maravillosamente bien.
Podria ser la foto de un salon de verdad.
besitos ascension

Patty said...

I totally agree with Norma! You are amazing!!!! I LOVE this chandelier! It really came out wonderful and the room is great. Hard to believe that it is miniature! I am so happy to be following your blog and seeing what you are creating! You are such a talent.

Bözse said...

Thank you, girls! Your words are so important for me. It was worth working so hard.

Annie Fryd said...

It is stunning how you made such a beautiful lamp out of ordinary daily stuff around the house... Such brilliant creativity!