May 28, 2010

Edit's room - Gallery

I have more than 50 followers. It's a perfect reason for a great celebration! The roombox, Edit's room is ready. Edit has left for Spain. She gave me permission to show you her room. Have a good time!
There are some new minis I hasn't showed yet.

May 27, 2010

Nina's giveaway

Look, what the postman has brought for me! Nina's giveaway from Canada has arrived. Beautiful miniatures and all of them are mine! The first and only minis which are not my creatures. The carpet is perfect for the room, the other things are waiting for a fitting scene for the present. Thank you, Nina! And thanks the hungarian post office for not to loose the mail! This is a great day! Even the rain is missing today.

May 26, 2010

My first electricity attempt

I made my first working chandelier with my husband"s help. I'm a nut in electricity! I use a table tennis ball for the half globe. The gypsum stucco is airdry clay, on the photo you can see the mold: a glass salad bowl.
The mask is a venetian souvenir, Edit's favourite decoration.

And the great news:


I tried to show it in sunshine, but there is no any sunshine here. Every day it's raining at least once, but rather twice. Is this the status all over in Europe? I want a week or only three days without water coming from everywhere! Look at Edit's room! The ceiling has soaked!

May 23, 2010

Souvenirs from abroad

I made a profile for the owner of the room. She is not a lady, rather a woman, a single one. She works in an office all day, often works overtime. She spends her holiday with travelling. Actually she is at home only at night of weekday. She bought this apartment lately, has no time to renovate. She likes old things she inherited from her grandmother, and also likes modern design. And her name is Edit!
These days I made evidences of her trip: photos, a leather album (fimo), frames (IKEA style). One of the frame has broken on the moving, it's waiting for changing glass.

I"ve also made some books of various subjects (design, art and travel).

And my favourite work of the last days is this brass sculpture. I imagined a woman sitting on the window shelf as I was bathing a week ago, and I can't get rid of the idea. I started it four times to be satisfied with the result. The fimo became too soft on sculpting, I always  left my fingerprints everywhere, so it was a horror at the first three times. Now it's OK, but doesn't like to be looked nearly.
Oh, there is a great crack at the corner beneath the window. This is not my creation, but perfect for an old room!

I have new followers, welcome here! These irises are for you!

May 20, 2010

Cookies for gourmand

Yesterday I made some cookies for the room. The owner of the room likes sweets just like me! (Who doesn't?) On close-up I can see the defects. I have to make up another technique for cremes and jams! I have to buy liquid fimo! And next time I will be more precise with the cutting and gluing. I designed the cover of the tin box. My own brand! WOW! The box diameter is 18 mm. All the cookies are absolutely handmade, I haven't used molds or presser.

This is an umbrella with bright color! It's unusual in my scene, isn't it? Sometimes I kick over the traces.

Yesterday my middle daughter, Sári has gave me the stick of her lollipop, "Mum, it would be right for something!". My dear assistant miniaturist!

May 18, 2010

Working IN the room!

I have solved the problem with the window pane! I remembered we have hundreds of disc boxes somewhere in the walk-in closet because we hold the discs in wallets. So I tried to choose the ones with the fewest scratch and cut them with my tablesaw. Then I could put the windows into their places. Some plaster work is necessery, I can see the sunlight coming through the gaps around the window frames. Although the sunlight is very poor, it's still rainy here!
I put wallpaper on the center parts of the wall. Certainly it's a little bit loose and dirty at the bottom. This room is in an old apartment house in Budapest. The house needs a serious renovating, but the panorama is magnificent!
I hung up the curtains, too. I'm too short, only 156 cm, so I had to use a ladder. I was ready to go out into my garden in rainfall to study our ladder, I'm very determined about miniatures! So it's old and rusty and spotted, like my real one.

May 16, 2010

A good weekend

This weekend was great and fruitful except that the weather was dirty. It has been raining for about two weeks, my mood is increasingly gloomy, the garden is a puddle, weeds are happy! I feel like living in India in monsoon! But I have plenty of time to make minis!
Even the beginning was wonderful being one of the three winners of Nina's giveaway on This was the first time in my life winning anything. Nina's miniatures are perfect! Thank you, Nina!
And I made some objects for the room. The windows are ready, but I have no any plexi at home, so these are only the frames.

I tried to furnish the radiator with some fittings, but I'm not competent in plumbing. Does it look like a radiator?

Yesterday I've found a blog with fantastic miniature plants ( and I had to make a hyacinth! I'm very contented with the result. Ok, I know a real hyacinth flower has six joined petals, and I made only four of them, but it was the maximum my eyes and my hands could tackle with. All along I thought if I sneeze all of my work would be over.

Making miniatures is contagious! This is a mug with coffee my eldest daughter made me. Am I look tired?

And the best minis I've ever made: Sára (5), Kata (7) and Dóri(3) - from left to right.

I send these Geraniums from my garden to my new followers! I'm happy you are here!

May 14, 2010

Roombox is under construction

After three days' work here are the results. I've got many experiences with carton, they are not too good. Nex time I use wood for walls, it's far better for me!
I hate waiting for drying!

Last night I've done this flooring for the room. I didn't count the pieces I cut, but there were many many of them, you can believe me! My neck and back are aching even now!

May 12, 2010

Error in my blog!

Sorry if you had any problem with the comments. Ira (Merry Jingle) has left a comment on my hungarian blog not to be able to come at the comment editor. I immediately tested my blog and solved the problem. Hopefully it would never again happen! Please if it still doesn't work, leave a comment on my other blog:! Thanks a lot, Ira!

I'm working very hard with the roombox (my package has arrived!), soon I will post the result.

May 11, 2010

Giveaway (not mine)!

There is a wonderful and generous giveaway on Alicia's blog: Her blog is 1 year old. Happy birthday to it! She gives this perfect bookcase to the lucky one, who follows her blog and leaves a comment. It's worth a try!

May 8, 2010

Paper again!

I've spent the last two days with working with paper again. Paper is a very thankful material.
I've seen beautiful tin plant holders in a webshop, and I fell in love with them. And what's the perfect material for imitating thin tin plate? The plants were made of paper, too. The details are not the same as of the original plants, but the effect is the matter. The gift bag was an experiment and it's ok for the room.

When I made the present for my mother, I've already try the paper weaving and I liked it. So I took this technique for the laundry basket. (It would peek from behind the folding screen!) It took me a long good movie to make only the weaving!

I've new followers again! It's amazing! I send these anemones and columbines from my garden to you and to all of my followers of course!

May 6, 2010

New tiny things

I'm in a waiting position. I've ordered some stuff for the roombox (wood, carton, glue), and the delivering is very very slow. So for the meantime I busy myself with making tiny things. Am I the only one who make the accessories at first and the roombox itself at last?

So I brought myself to do a plant: an Aglaonema. I'm satisfied with the result, so I will make other plants for the scene. The magazine stand and the kleenex box are for the Lady's room, too.

I want to make so many objects, and it's so irritating waiting for the package!

I send these irises and lilacs from my garden to my new followers! Thank you for following my blog!

May 2, 2010

Another secret project

This time my dear mother was the celebrated; yesterday was mother day. So I made this rocking chair and the sewing basket for her. Her favourite colour is blue and her hobby is cross-stiching. It was hard not to show her the work in progress, because she is my best help in miniatures.

The basket and the scissors are made of paper and acrylic paint, the buttons were shower gel bottle in their previous life.

And I updated the armchair for the lady's room. It's better than the previous version: the folding isn't seen and the seat is lower. It suits better for my taste.