May 2, 2010

Another secret project

This time my dear mother was the celebrated; yesterday was mother day. So I made this rocking chair and the sewing basket for her. Her favourite colour is blue and her hobby is cross-stiching. It was hard not to show her the work in progress, because she is my best help in miniatures.

The basket and the scissors are made of paper and acrylic paint, the buttons were shower gel bottle in their previous life.

And I updated the armchair for the lady's room. It's better than the previous version: the folding isn't seen and the seat is lower. It suits better for my taste.


Margaret said...

I just discovered your blog, you are very good working with wood your projects are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

love your mother's day present :) The sewing accessories look great!

I'm thinking of doing a small teddy bear shop to my mother-in-law for Christmas, see how it turns out - she collects teddy bears, but doesn't have too much room for them

Lisette said...

Beautiful chairs and the sewing basket

Norma Bennett said...

Your mother is so lucky, the chair and sewing accessories are so nice. What a clever idea to make the buttons from a plastic bottle - I have been think recently about just such a problem and you have solved it, thanks so much!

The armchair looks really great :)

Alisa said...

This is my first visit and just had to tell you your work is stunning.