Jun 30, 2010

I'm building

This flower bed was carved out of an Austrotherm panel (extruded polystyrol). After some paint I have soil and basalt cube fenced it. For pavement I made flagstones (eggcarton), and I dispersed fine gravel onto the glued surface around them.

I've painted the inside of the shed. It's very worn! For the woven fence I used rattan and the pieces of my real fig tree. (The poor one was winter-killed, but has new offshoots!) Do the logs look like they were cleaved with an axe? I really made them with an axe, and I still have all of my ten fingers! The scene was pictured on the table of our patio.

I have new followers! I hope you enjoy my blog! I send these daisies from my garden for you! Thank you for following my blog!

Jun 26, 2010

Another door

The other door is ready, too. It's an old and not a well treated piece, but perfect for a toolshed. The adobe is wet and nitrous. The hole at the bottom of the door is for the cat. A padlock is still missing, I don't know how I can do it.

Jun 25, 2010

The door

This is a very typical door of the old farmhouses. My great-grandmother had a one like this. It was a long search for pictures of original door handles, my memory is very poor about this detail. I'm so impatient, I would make everything at the same time, but I has decided to make the building at first. I will be strong!

Jun 23, 2010

New project

Now I'm ready for a new work! This is the very early stage of a hungarian porch. The photos show the different moments of the work. My daughter, Kata put some of my old minis into the scene. And these are really original hungarian items (the watering can isn't), so perhaps I will find place for them in the final arrangement. Today I will paint the wood structure before any other movement.
The Mediterranean balcony left safely last weekend. The new owner - Rita - was very happy, so I was succesful with the gift.

Jun 17, 2010

Mediterranean balcony - Gallery

The gift for my friend is ready! I know I could have made even more object for the scene, but I feel this is all I have in me with this theme. Every more step would be strained. But up to now it was a fun to make! Too many bad things happened to my friend so I hope to manage to please her. I took many photos and I couldn't choose which ones would be the best for the post, so I used almost the whole pack. I will wrapped the box and the miniatures separated, so Rita will arrange her own roombox at home with the help of these photos.
And now some days of rest, unless I will not change my mind. In my mind there is already the contours of a garden scene!

Jun 15, 2010

Fimo work

I have no time to write a lot, so  I have took only the photos of some minis I had made using fimo. (The tomato plant above the pot is 4 cm high.)

Jun 12, 2010


I've got a lot of ideas, (thank you all!) so the only thing ahead is to choose and make them. I've seen Flora's real balcony with bamboo shades, and I liked the idea. It was a very very fiddling work, but it was worth the time. Today I played with the lights and shadows on the balcony. I don't think to make the other half of the shades, but I don't miss it at all.

I've thought about the demijohn a lot how to make it. I carved the shape from wood, then whipped round with thread. The neck is the end of a pen refill coated with glass paint.

The number of my followers is amazing. I haven't thought of it even in my dream! Thank you for visiting my blog! I send these Kniphophias from my garden for you!

Jun 10, 2010

Let's clean up!

I made a mop and a bucket for the balcony. My friend has delayed the meeting so I've won a week to finish the balcony. It's a pity not to see Rita at this weekend but I'm happy I have time to create even more minis for her. Help me! I need ideas what objects are characteristic on a mediterranean balcony. I plan more flowers, a demijhon, a rug onto the railing, an italian cook book, but that's all.

Jun 8, 2010

Plate tutorial

I know everybody has the perfect way to make her or his own plate, but I'd like to show my method.
1. Print some plate pattern
2. Emboss the pattern with a pin
3. Cut a ring the same outer diameter as the plate pattern out of thick carton
4. Cut a circle out of fimo
5. Tke the fimo circle between the two paper piece: carton ring - fimo - paper pattern upside down
6. Roll over the "sandwich"
7. Take off the upper paper, so the pattern (tiny dots in this case) can be seen
8. Push down the fimo into the hole of the ring
9. Bake the plate
10. Sand the rim of the plate


The piece of the tutorial is filled with tiramisu. It's my best idea for a mediterranean scene. (And one of my favourite desserts!)