May 26, 2015

New territory

Someone asked me to make a seafood display for them. I asked for some experimenting time since I really don't know anything about seafood. Sure, I made fish, but mostly only fresh water ones. You know, Hungary hasn't got any sea connection, therefore seafood is not the part of the Hungarian cuisine. At all. So I turned to my best friend again, the internet. And I found a lot of excellent pictures about lobsters, clams, oysters, octopuses and various salt water fish. But since I haven't seen these creatures live it was quite hard for me to figure out the sizes. I tried to use plates, hands or anything in the photos.

May 20, 2015

Celebration time

I had two New Year's wishes, to lose some weight (it's a recurring wish) and to try to become an IGMA Fellow. It seems I'm better at making miniatures than keeping on my diet. So as of 5 May I'm an IGMA Fellow. I have to admit, I worked hard for it, but it so paid off. I did my level best to come up with the most realistic foods I've ever made. I can't find the words for how happy I am now.
You helped me, too, with the deciding about the application works. I chose the miniatures you had liked the most for the base of the new ones.

And here are my application works.