Nov 22, 2013

Some ramblings again

I'm a little bit depressed. We barely can see the sun these days, the lights are on in my workroom all the day and there are days when I can't make a decent photo about my minis (Taking photos using artificial lights is absolutely not my territory! Shame on me, I should have learnt it years ago...) So I try to cheer myself up by constantly change the theme. (The Christmas topic a little bit worn me out.) Here are my latest babies. Maybe you don't believe it, but the plum cake was the most challenging. I formed and colored all the plum pieces one by one and baked them before pushing them into the "dough". I think the simplest the real food the hardest for you to make it realistic in miniature scale.

Nov 20, 2013


My favorites from last week.

Nov 7, 2013

Christmas shortbread galore

Sorry for my long absence, I'm really busy nowadays. I made a lot of various miniatures in the last weeks, but now I want to show you my shortbread assortments. There are some gingerbreads, too among the shortbreads.

Oct 8, 2013


For the doubters... I swear they are not created by Photoshop! (I'm not that good. In Photoshop, I mean.)

Oct 7, 2013

Playing by ear

I have to admit, there was no any system in my work the last few weeks. I just surfed on the net looking for pictures in my style, then made whatever took my fancy. This way it never gets boring. Mostly the food is that catches my attention, but sometimes an old tray, a chipped bowl or a wooden board with quaint shape started my imagination. Of course I'm aware of the impending Christmas time, so in the next months I will make a lot of gingerbread items and other Christmas related miniatures, but these pictures are about my rambling.

Sep 12, 2013

Preparing for Halloween

We don't celebrate Halloween here, in Hungary. 1st November is the Day of the Deads, when we commemorate our gone relatives and friends. After sundown we go to the cemetery and place candles onto the graves. It's a beautiful and touching scene with the thousands of candles giving the only light in the dark.
So, no Halloween... But I couldn't miss an opportunity to make funny miniatures in this theme. Here are my latest works with pumpkins and bones and mummies.