Dec 18, 2010

Kitchen table

This is the table for the smoky kitchen I made. There is some crazyness in making something with so much care (accurate joints, fine sanding, even painting) then coming at it with a knife to do so many scrapes and cracks as several years of use can do. But who says I'm not crazy? Perhaps the table needs more damages!

Dec 14, 2010


Modelling flesh is a hard challenge. This is not my first try, but the previous ones were awful. First I tried to mix a fleshlike color from fimo, but it's impossible. The flesh is different everywhere! So I gave up the mixing, builded up the shape only from white, and added all the colors after shaping.
Now it's on my Etsy shop, but telling the truth I don't know who needs a halved pig. Perhaps it's good for a miniature butcher's or a historical scene. At the worst it would be a perfect Christmas gift for a butcher as a cellphone charm!

Dec 8, 2010

New project

In the last two or three months I was engaded with my Etsy shop, but I very missed making a roombox. Many ideas are spinning in my mind, the first is an old Hungarian country kitchen, the so-called smoky kitchen. It didn't have any chimney, so the smoke left the house right through the door. Of course the floor was simple the packed soil. This kitchen always had a furnace, sometimes with a behive shape, like this. They used this furnace for baking bread and heating the kitchen in winter. There was a smaller spare oven next to the furnace for cooking in summer.
For the furnace and the oven I used box cardboard, then I coated it with gypsum. As you can see I used everything in our house to fixed the parts while drying. My husband had bought these weight discs to train himself. Do you guess how many times he used these plates? You can divide the number you thought by ten. Now I realized how they be right for keeping the parts from moving. And in the background there are my childrens' building blocks making the perfect mitre tool.

I made this tiny cheese board and the strawberry sponge cake for my Etsy shop.

Dec 6, 2010

Christmas dinner

I showed all the Christmas miniatures I had made in the last month, this is only a scene with these minis. I entered for a Hungarian polymer clay competition in Christmas theme. In Hungary using the polymer clay is in its infancy, almost everything is some jewelry made from fimo or other brand of clay. So only my work is a miniature amongst the others, and all this miniature world is absolutely unknown. The editor of this competition put only the "Christmas dinner" title next to my photo, but not mentioned that it's a miniature. Somebody of the commenters confusedly asked "This is a very nice arrangement, but what's from polymer clay?". This is the best praise about my work I've ever got.

I sent also this second photo for the editor, but only one was allowed to participate in the competition, and she choosed the photo without the dice.