Mar 25, 2014

Scenes with fruit

I'm suffering from low vitamin levels after the long winter, perhaps that's the reason I'm thinking about fruits all the time. And they are in so many colors and shapes I just couldn't help making them in miniature. 

Tip for peeling the apples: peel them while they are warm after baking. You can slice long stripes of skin this way without breaking them. After cooling the polymer clay gets rigid. Of course you need also a new blade for fine slicing, but please try not to cut your fingertips off with it!

Mar 18, 2014

Miniaturist get-together

Maybe I mentioned before making miniatures as an art or even as a hobby is barely known in Hungary. But there is a little group of miniaturists (including me) who keep connection with each others. We shared our experiences mostly via emails but once or twice a year we meet personally, too. The first get-together was last Saturday and it was amazing. It's so wonderful to get to meet others like me. Here is a little list of the members our group. They are so talented and I'm very glad and honored to get to know them and that I can call them friends.

Livi is the group manager, who organizes all of our meetings. She is a woman of many talents and a real reformer. Recently she shows her little scenes and other miniature works in exhibitions in varios towns in Hungary. Here is her blog,
She is starting her shop right now, where she will sell miniature themed jewellery,

Anda makes beautiful vintage miniatures. Her scenes are full of life and style. You can see her works in her blog,
or you can buy them here,

Melli our youngest but unquestionably the most enthusiastic member. Her blog is here,

Kati make breathtakingly beautiful animals, fairies  and other magical creatures. You can find her works here,

Fanni makes perfect miniature birds and insects. She missed this get-together, because she is at the end of her pregnancy with her second baby and she didn't take the risk of travelling to Budapest in the stormy weather.
Her blog is here,
And here is her etsy shop,

Please visit their sites, you surely can find some wonderful miniatures.

Mar 11, 2014

My meat grinder

Whenever I want to make a miniature with difficult and composite build I dissect it to simple  parts in my mind and I try to find the best material and method for making these parts. At the end the paint would cover all the different materials. This little meat grinder was made of polymer clay, air dry clay, paper, wood, aluminium, wire and some micro beads. And there were some mistake, too, so I had to change my first choice of material, but I think it's worth all the efforts. Of course I couldn't help it, I had to place some rust onto the grinder.

Mar 5, 2014

Easter is coming!

And here is my new apologizing for being away so long. But I have a very good reason this time, I had the flu. And tearful eyes, continuous sneezing and miniatures just don't see eye to eye. I speak from experience. Once I manage to destroy my work of two hours with a giant sneeze. Never again! And I felt so miserable I couldn't do anything but lying in bed.
Now I try to make up for the lost time. But with not much success...
It's time to show some Easter themed miniatures I made the last month. I had so much fun with all the bunnies and eggs. This theme has endless potential, and the bright colors of spring are just reviving after the dull winter time.