Nov 28, 2012


Making miniature pie is an idea I always delayed, I don't know why. Last week I made some and now I'm an addict. I found some amazing crust pattern and edge style on the internet I definitely try in the future. I baked an apple and a cherry pie at first.

And the big mistake of the month (I hope it's not the first part of a terrible series),

I wanted to make a country breakfast board with handpainted jug. I planned a white one with blue pattern. After one hour painting I was going to finish the jug with acrylic gloss varnish. I have a lot of acrylic spray in various colors and I never put the cap back onto the bottle, because it's a pain to remove the safety cap (I'm an impatient and lazy person). So the only way to tell apart the colors is checking the lettering on the bottom of the bottle, and I always check it. Well, always, except yesterday. One simple blow and I managed to cover the delicate blue pattern with shiny dark brown paint. After a shriek and some words I won't cite I decided to make a wonderful brown jug with white pattern. Here it is.

Lesson 1, always check the color of the spray bottle before use!

Nov 6, 2012


My daughters are big fans of crepes, and I'm the same. Now I made my miniature versions of crepes in various flavours. My favoutite is the apricot jam filled roll. Of course the jam have to be homemade!