Mar 15, 2012

Bakery basket

Now only the photos...

Mar 9, 2012

White and shabby

Sometimes I find an inspiring photo on the net and after that a new miniature is born in my workroom. This is the history of this shabby white sideboard, too. I spent a lot of time to plan all the fine details and far more time to build and paint it. Sorry, the drawers and doors are still only fake ones, but I made a resolution, the next piece will be a functional furniture. Well, making perfectly fitting doors and drawers will be a very hard challenge, not to mention producing my own miniature hinges! But life would be so boring without hard tasks!
And why shabby again? I have a bizarre affection for the used and shabby and rusty old things, like this sideboard and the watering cans I also made this week.

Mar 8, 2012

A very good book...

...and a very talented man! One of my friend, László Adóba is a hungarian modell builder. He had made two manual books about modelling and this week his third book was published. The two old ones - Let's build a diorama I. - Urban scenes and Let's build a diorama II. - Terrain and vegetation - are available in english, too, but the new book only in hungarian. I hope they translate it soonly, so everybody can admire his unique skills!

The third book is about stone items, and the photos are from this. Simply outstanding works! He works in 1:35 scale and used mostly the cheapest materials and tools you can find even at home.

Mar 2, 2012

Easter cake and gingerbreads

Very very short time preparing for Easter! Now I show you a two-tiered cake with marcipan bunny and eggs and two gingerbread eggs with white decoration. It seems I can't stop making written gingerbreads even two months after Christmas! Luckily for me there is an occasion to make gingerbreads all over the year!  

These are available on my etsy shop.