Aug 23, 2010

Bakery mood

In the last two days I was in bakery mood. This little mountain of bakery goods is the result of my work. Still tiny enough to fit into my palm!
Today I've got permission to leave the house. I feel better but the coughing seems to be very stable. I can't tell even the bedtime story to my daughter! I start to loose my patience!

Aug 20, 2010

20th August

Today is the celebration of the New Bread and St. Stephen's day. So I made the bread, but I didn't get on with King Stephen. (He was our first christian potentate, and the founder our state about 1000 years ago.) There are many many great programmes all over Hungary, and I'm still sentenced to rest at home!

And I made some more fruits, plums and grapes. The grapes were only for color testing for a next project, a vintage scene and for an autumn fruit bowl. So I tried to mix the colors, and tested them before the  producing. The blue and the yellow are ok, but the pink is awful, maybe I blended too little transparent fimo into the mix. So I try on!

Aug 18, 2010

I'm bedridden

Actuality is that I have pneumonia. Lucky I have no fever, but I have to rest all the week. And guess what do I engage myself with? You surely guessed right! I'm playing with fimo.
Let me show you some pieces of the Hungarian gastronomy!
Hungary is famous for its delicious salamis. These two are the Pick salami and a garlic tasted cold meat . On the third photo you can see the world biggest slice of bread.

We Hungarians love all meals of beans, particularly the bean goulash. My goulash is usually so thick the spoon  can stand in it. I didn't make goulash but dry beans. The sack is not full of beans, I'm not so mad! There are beans only on the visible part, the remainder is cotton.

This is one of my favorite dessert named wasp's nest. Coiled raised dough filled with sugared butter.

And at last the masterpiece of our cuisine, the strudel. It's paper slim dough filled variously, this time with sour cherry. My favorite is the carrot strudel, soon I will make it, too.

I send these roses from my garden to my new and old followers! Have a great time on my blog!

Aug 15, 2010

The sparherd

When I was a child, every country kitchen had a sparherd (this is a german word) both for cooking and heating. There was gas nowhere but in the big towns. I remember when my mother kneaded dough, always cut a strip  for my brother and me and put it onto the sparherd. It was very crispy and delicious as I remembered. Now I'm not sure of it!
The structure is wood with four layer of enamel paint. It's 9 x 6 x 7,5 cm. As you can see I overdid the grimy spots! I think the floral design (now it's hand painted) was general only in Hungary, or at least I couldn't find any photo of this type on foreign pages of the net. It was very sad standing alone, so I add some minis to the little scene. The scrambled eggs were sudden idea after our breakfast.

I changed the photo of my profile. I hated the old one, but always postponed to change it. I even don't know this woman! I still don't recognize this new one, but at least I like her! 

Aug 12, 2010

Madness III.

My madness is unstoppable! It seems I'm in a fruitful period! Tomatoes, nectarines and... hey! What is a chicken doing here?! It's not an accident! I needed some protein after so much vegetables and fruits. I had no a whole chicken in the fridge, so I tried to make this mini after some photos on the net. On some places I had to resort my memories and my imagination. Why isn't there any photo of the rear of the chicken? Every chicken has a rear, hasn't it?

I send these loosestrifes from my garden to my new and to my old followers! I'm very happy there are so many of you!

Aug 11, 2010

Madness II.

I can't stop making vegetables! Is it normal? Yesterday I pulled out some carrots for the soup, and the decision  immediately was born in me. Carrots right from the garden, they are dirty and some of them has slits.
In Hungary there is tradition to tell the children "if you eat a lot of carrots you can easily learn to whistle". This is an absolute crap, I never heard a rabbit to whistle. But I tell my daughters the same, and it really works. They diligently gnaw the carrots, but neither of them can whistle. Perhaps they really like carrot!

Pink gift

I made these minis for my dear fellow minimaker, Anikó. She has a beautiful dame doll, Rosalie from the rococo, who naturally likes pink. It was very interesting to enter this pink world, but I really enjoyed it. I hope both Anikó and Rosalie are happy with these things. They have already got the gift, so I don't let the cat out of the bag.

Aug 9, 2010

Vegetable madness

It starts to overwhelm me! I thumb vegetable seed catalogs after vegetables to make the next time. And I always make at least a dozen of them, because I hate to take aside the mixed fimo. Today's "victims" are cabbage and paprika. This paprika is the simplest hungarian type for lecsó, a traditional and very tasty and healthy casserole.

Aug 6, 2010

More fruits

As I promised I made more fruits in the honour of the summer. These are apples, not the export quality! They are small and spotted, there are rotten ones among them. The type you had in your garden about fifty years ago. Absolutely bio! I loved to take photos of them. These are the best ones. Would you like a bite?

Aug 4, 2010

Fruits of the summer

This morning I feeled I needed some extra vitamin, so I made fruits and vegetables, all of them are cucurbits. (I learned taxonomy!) I really enjoyed working with fimo again, so  likely to make some other fruits and vegetables the next days.

I send these beautiful roses from my garden to my new followers! I hope you find some interesting minis on my blog!

Aug 2, 2010

My first mini for Etsy

I made my first mini for my future etsy shop. According to my plan my debut will be in september. This is a hope chest with a little box on the left side of the chest for jewelry, credentials or other tiny things . The flower pattern on the front is typical in hungarian ornamental folk art. The date on the inside top indicates the date of the owner's wedding. Size: 9,5 x 4,5 x 5,5 cm. I looked at dozens of photos of original antique chest on the database of the Museum of Ethnography, examining the structures, measures, ratios, colors and all the details, then made up my own design for a hope chest. A varnish layer is still missing, and I would like to make a little key into the keyhole.