Aug 11, 2010

Pink gift

I made these minis for my dear fellow minimaker, Anikó. She has a beautiful dame doll, Rosalie from the rococo, who naturally likes pink. It was very interesting to enter this pink world, but I really enjoyed it. I hope both Anikó and Rosalie are happy with these things. They have already got the gift, so I don't let the cat out of the bag.


The Old Maid said...

Pretty treasures!

otterine said...

Beautiful work!

M Carmen Casanova said...

Oh, que rosas tan espectaculares!!! Realmente bonitas.

Flora said...

Bozse, wonderful gifts that you did for your friend :-)
I love pink!
The cake is high pastry.
Mini hugs, Flora

Unknown said...

Un conjunto precioso. Besos Clara