Aug 18, 2010

I'm bedridden

Actuality is that I have pneumonia. Lucky I have no fever, but I have to rest all the week. And guess what do I engage myself with? You surely guessed right! I'm playing with fimo.
Let me show you some pieces of the Hungarian gastronomy!
Hungary is famous for its delicious salamis. These two are the Pick salami and a garlic tasted cold meat . On the third photo you can see the world biggest slice of bread.

We Hungarians love all meals of beans, particularly the bean goulash. My goulash is usually so thick the spoon  can stand in it. I didn't make goulash but dry beans. The sack is not full of beans, I'm not so mad! There are beans only on the visible part, the remainder is cotton.

This is one of my favorite dessert named wasp's nest. Coiled raised dough filled with sugared butter.

And at last the masterpiece of our cuisine, the strudel. It's paper slim dough filled variously, this time with sour cherry. My favorite is the carrot strudel, soon I will make it, too.

I send these roses from my garden to my new and old followers! Have a great time on my blog!


Carol Kubrican said...

Your fimo foods are wonderful! The strudel and garlic sausage make my mouth water! I hope you will feel better soon!

Susanne said...

..yummy..delicious things. I would like to try one of those salamis, they make me feel hungry ;-)
Hope you get better soon!
Love, Susanne

Flora said...

Poor Bozse ... But your skill is admirable, given the precarious state of health ...
Your favorite dessert ... is also mine! The cake looks delicious and I'd like to try now that I'm drinking coffee :-)
I'll give you good luck and I can not wait that you install your shop :-)

Patty said...

Bozse, I hope you feel better soon. What wonderful food you are creating! The salami looks so good and also the wasp nest.....the color on everything is so amazing.....the beans, unbelievable!!

Victoria said...

I love Hungarian food - especially goulash:) Salami looks wonderful! Hope you'll get better soon!


Unknown said...

¡Que maravilla de comida! Me ha dado hambre al verla. La comida de vuestro pais es muy sabrosa, todo, todo, todo me gusta.
Veo que esta semana de reposo es muy productiva para tí, pero espero que pronto estes bien.
Besos Clara.

Daydreamer said...

Bozse, I hope you get better soon! Rest is the best medicine. Your little foods are amazing! I like the sweets myself...and cherries are my favorite! Your roses are beautiful too!

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

So sad to hear you feel bad, I hope you are well soon. Your miniature food makes me want to eat!

Carolyn said...

Sorry you are not well - I hope you recover quickly!! Your salamis look good enough to eat!!

Sans! said...

Dearie, you have produced masterpieces in times of sickness! :). Pneumonia can be quite serious. I hope the fimo help you get well soon!