Apr 29, 2014

I'm in!

A wonderful thing happened to me. I'm in a dollhouse magazine. Wait a minute, I have to correct that. I'M IN TWO DOLLHOUSE MAGAZINES!!! It's like Christmas and my birthday present mixed together. I'm happy, and proud and grateful and so much more I haven't found the right word for.
The first article by Janet Kubiesa is  in the Dollhouse and Miniture Scene magazine (2014 June). It's an Easter themed article with mostly my eggs.

The second one is by Janet Stuart (and partly by me) and in the Dollhouse Miniatures magazine (2014 May/June, 39. issue). It shows  my various miniatures. 

Thank you, Janets for the articles!
I know the resolution of the pictures is not enough for reading them, but I have only these pictures for now. I haven't got the magazines yet, but I hope I will hold them in my hands soon.

Apr 16, 2014

My favorite fruits

I'm a red fruit kind of girl, I love them all. And luckily I have them all in my garden. (It's not for luck actually, since I planted them in there years ago.) They are in full bloom right now, and thanks to the mild spring weather, the generous amount of sunshine and the busy bees we expect ample harvest this year. Yummy!
But we have to survive the weeks (or months) before that somehow. My way of surviving can be seen on the photos. Too bad, this scene just added fuel to the fire. So much so that I almost bought some  hothouse strawberries! But no way I would do that. I hate the taste of them! The strawberries that saw real sun while growing have such incomparably delicious taste I'd rather wait for them patiently.

Apr 3, 2014

Eggs and eggplants

Making a realistic egg is not so simple as it seems. My first attempts were very misshapen, and when I tried to correct one it got even worse. Then I found the perfect hand and finger moves and now I can produce eggs like a chicken farm. By the way, I share my secret how I can make the same size of things even after months. I use my pasta machine and my Kemper cutters (or other types) for measuring. I have a book where I jot down which thickness of the machine and which cutter I used for the needed amount of clay for a fruit, a pastry or an egg. Next time I just take my book and could reproduce the same thing.

When I need a split fruit or vegetable I don't even try to make it right away, it always get malformed. I just make the whole  thing and cut in half after baking. Then if the inner structure of the fruit need it I carve some clay out and refill the hole the same raw clay, so I can make the pits or some specific texture and coloring. After that I bake it again. You can see the result on the split eggplant.