Aug 24, 2012

Bench variations

About two or three weeks ago I made a bench with drawers. At first I wasn't sure the white-stained wood-blue color combination, but I found beatiful brown-blue flower pattern on the net and I was immediately convinced of the color trio.  

I liked so much the result I tried more color variations, too, and I even made experiments on the number of drawers.

Some months ago I realized I have to manage my furniture plans much more organised. From that time I print all the parts onto card paper and put them into their own envelope decorated with elevation draws. I numbered the paper parts and the elevation draws similarly, so I always know which part is which. Though the preliminary works are more with every first piece of furniture, making the remakes are always far more convenient and simple.

Aug 9, 2012

Making scones

August is the month of experiments. I have a lot of new plans in my mind and in my idea book. Now I try to make them one by one. This time I show you a preparation board and a bread box.
I love this blue floral ornament style named gzhel. It originates from Russia and they use it for ceramics. I used this blue design for the flour box and the rolling pin.
The bread box was my first try to make my own miniature hinges. I'm just whispering these are not the results of my fist attempt (and not the second...). At last I find the right materials and the right dimensions. Now I can make furniture not only with working drawers but working doors, too. As I imagine!