Sep 25, 2015


We, a little more than a dozen miniaturists in Hungary founded the Hungarian Miniature Workshop (Magyar Miniatűr Műhely or MMM in Hungarian) in the spring. And we opened our first exhibition last evening in Budapest. The exhibition is open for three weeks. We worked hard for that to happen and we were very excited at the opening. There were a lot of people there, way more than we expected. Of course, most of them were relatives and friends but we hope the next three weeks allure many visitors, both children and adults.
This is the logo of the workshop,

I made three new scenes for the exhibition and added my old "Smoky Kitchen" ( and "The Africa-explorer's Desk" with a new box around it ( to them.

The new scenes are  "The Pantry", "Mediterranean Mood" and "My Grandmother's Scones".
Here are the photos,

Next time I show you photos about the other miniaturists' works, too, I promise.