Nov 25, 2016

Fruit still life

It's been way too long I've been away from my blog. Honestly, I sometimes thought I would let it die but I changed my mind. I put too much effort into it in the past to just abandon it for good. I'm working on something new in form. My still life scenes were and are the foundation for my rebirth in miniature making. It's still in progress and therefore a secret, but I'm very excited about it. But back to the still lives.
This one was my most successful one, maybe for it's vivid colors. Those who has followed my blog for a while knows that everything in my scenes is my own work. I made my miniatures after an image in my head. I couldn't find something in a shop I came up with myself in the first place, so I have to make everything with my own hands. The hardest part was finding a method for the pottery. I had some failure on the road, but now I have the solution. I make cylinders from air dry clay then I turn pottery out of them on a lathe. Then I just have to put handles on them and paint them. Not so easy as it sounds, actually, a lathe could be very hostile... But now I'm an expert with it. (I wish!)

 Pots, canisters and jugs I made using my lathe.