Apr 27, 2010

Miniature painting

I spent the weekend with my family and my garden, so I hadn't much time for miniatures. I made some paintings in the past, but not in miniature scale. Yesterday was the day when I took my thinnest brushes and started to paint. The first picture is the original photo I copied from the net. (It's an italian theme.) The painting is going to get into the gilded frame.

And the most fitting book for a woman was made, too. My favourite novel is Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen. Yearly I read it again! It's a little bit shabby, like my piece!

I send these tulips from my garden to my new followers! I've red your blogs (if you have one) and there are a lot of fantastic miniatures and other works on your pages.

Apr 22, 2010

Folding screen

This is a sketch I've made a week ago. In my mind every details of the room already exist. Although the structure doesn't seem too complicated it's assembly was really time consuming.

The result isn't the same as the sketch, I made some alterations. I use wood and baking paper instead of rice-paper. I will try to age the hinge and the varnish is missing too.

And I send all of these daffodils of my garden to my new followers. (HA-ha, everyone of my followers are new!) Thank you for following my blog, you do me proud! And thanks for your praise and supporting. I'm so happy you like my works!
It's so fantastic that I make something in the rummage room where my worktable is, and somebody at the other end of the world can see it on the screen. There are not many miniaturists in Hungary, I don't know anybody of them actually. So only you from the distance are my partners in minimaking. Hurrah for the internet!

Apr 20, 2010

Upholstery disaster

Yesterday I made the frame for the armchair. I took apart the pieces about six times after gluing, the arms didn't want to look symmetrical. But after so much work I like it.

I feeled fear of making upholstery rightly. The back is good, but the seat is horrible! I think it needs a remake.
And some tiny things I'm proud of! When I showed the candlestick to my husband he said 'You are crazy!'. And I answered 'Yes, I am! And I'm proud of it!'
I didn't think that making these coathangers would take me so much time, but it did!

And as you can see I upgraded the design of my photos. Now they are not so boring:

Apr 18, 2010

Objects for the room

My tablesaw works again, so I can continue making the furniture of the room. The sidetable is thick a little bit, but I content with it. The drawer is under conscruction.

I worked a lot on the carving of the picture frame, but I hold to the details.

When the first leg of a table or a chair is ready I always think: oh, my god, I have to make three more pieces! In my view the threelegged tables are unfairly unnoticed! I use a very special lathe method: with my left hand I gently revolve the wood and with my right hand I handle my Dremel tool. It's really tiresome!
I planned the room with shades of brown, yellow and green and in eclectic style. There will be new and old pieces in harmony.

The footstool is waiting for its armchair. I'm unwilling to start to make it, I'm afraid of the upholstery.

Apr 15, 2010

Where it began

4 years ago I made this dollhouse for my daughters. This is my first attempt to make miniatures. The scale is 1:10, it was easier to count in a metric system. Parts of the furniture were preys to my children. I think these photos are the only proof of my whole work.

And another homemade present: a barnyard. It was made two years ago for my daughters' Playmobil figures. The most difficult thing was to take such a big thing in secret!

Room for a Lady - Vases

Making revolved solids without a lathe is very hard and disappointing. And I haven't got one, only a Dremel tool. Perhaps for my birthday... (It was for my husband!) So I carved again! The wood is so perfect material! After carving there were polishing and polishing and polishing again. I used acrylic and enamel paint. I liked them before painting. I will try to use varnish.

Garden gloves

This is a template for the gloves. I simply glued together the fingers, then forced a toothpick into them not to let to be too flat. I glued backward the flips of the thumb and took it into the slit (striped section) and folded it down onto the palm part. Making the edge and some chalk and the gloves are ready.
This is a return for the good comments.


I'VE GOT TWO FOLLOWERS! I'm very very happy and pride and it's a great honour for me. Thank you!

Apr 14, 2010

New scene: Room for a Lady

Now I display my romantic side. I arrange a room for a lady: ornaments, flowers, cushions and so on...
I was making a sidetable when my tablesaw brake down. I have to wait for my husband to repare it at weekend. So now I make tiny accessoires like this old wooden jewellery box.

Apr 12, 2010

Garden work - Gallery

The garden scene is ready! I've been waiting for the sunshine, now the photos are better. There are some new details, for example the garden gloves. I made a previous version of them, but those were too flat, so I set on again.
And now I'm ready for a new project...

Apr 8, 2010

When I mentioned laziness a while ago I lied a little bit. I worked on this study in secret, because it was made for my husband for his name-day. He was really surprised, though I couldn't overshadow the present of three years ago: then he got a baby girl.
Everything in the scene is made by me. The objects are related to my husband: the fantasy novels, the rock cd-s, the baseball cap, the CAD on the screen, the photos of our daughters on the wall and on the notice board, the calendar with the dog (2007 remained accidentally) and the box of cigarettes (alas!). I'm very proud of the chair, first time in my life I bent wood. I can't steam, but I red a good trick somewhere: I boiled the wood about ten minutes, then forced it onto a mug with two clothes-pins and it worked. I consider the leather briefcase and the pen on the desk are great jobs.
And there are things I' m not satisfied with: the keyboard and the paint on the lamp. These are so awful at close quarters!
The scene lives in a box with a mobile glass front.