Apr 22, 2010

Folding screen

This is a sketch I've made a week ago. In my mind every details of the room already exist. Although the structure doesn't seem too complicated it's assembly was really time consuming.

The result isn't the same as the sketch, I made some alterations. I use wood and baking paper instead of rice-paper. I will try to age the hinge and the varnish is missing too.

And I send all of these daffodils of my garden to my new followers. (HA-ha, everyone of my followers are new!) Thank you for following my blog, you do me proud! And thanks for your praise and supporting. I'm so happy you like my works!
It's so fantastic that I make something in the rummage room where my worktable is, and somebody at the other end of the world can see it on the screen. There are not many miniaturists in Hungary, I don't know anybody of them actually. So only you from the distance are my partners in minimaking. Hurrah for the internet!


Monique said...

What a great idea of a folding screen! Beautifull! You are very talented so it's a pleasure to be your follower! Have a nice day! Regards Monique

Merry Jingle said...

Your screen is fantastic! I can imagine all the time and effort you have put on it, it's unbelievable how long it sometimes takes to do the minis :)

Have a wonderful weekend,


michelle said...

Hello, thank you also for follewing my blog, your miniatures are very beautiful,I love the armchair I don't think it's a disaster, he is beautiful, I love chairs like that! I also was thinking of making one like that, but don't know how...and had not the courage to start on it, now that I have seen yours maybe I give it a try some day...
Greetz Michelle

Norma Bennett said...

Thank you for the flowers :)

Your screen is wonderful, but I have to say that I love the sketch too! - pencil sketches have a wonderful casual and yet lively quality I think.

profesor frantz said...

Nice work.

I envy your sketching capacity
I also liked very much the idea of the baking paper.