Apr 18, 2010

Objects for the room

My tablesaw works again, so I can continue making the furniture of the room. The sidetable is thick a little bit, but I content with it. The drawer is under conscruction.

I worked a lot on the carving of the picture frame, but I hold to the details.

When the first leg of a table or a chair is ready I always think: oh, my god, I have to make three more pieces! In my view the threelegged tables are unfairly unnoticed! I use a very special lathe method: with my left hand I gently revolve the wood and with my right hand I handle my Dremel tool. It's really tiresome!
I planned the room with shades of brown, yellow and green and in eclectic style. There will be new and old pieces in harmony.

The footstool is waiting for its armchair. I'm unwilling to start to make it, I'm afraid of the upholstery.

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Norma Bennett said...

This is my only blog comment anywhere today because I have such a lot of study to do this week. I think it's amazing that you make all these wooden pieces yourself.

I will put a note about your blog on mine soon :)