Feb 15, 2010

Tin from paper

There are some unique Hungarian thing I can't get from a foreign "dollhouse store". (There is no Hungarian dollhouse store at all!). The kettle of Cegléd was an essential element of a Hungarian kitchen, so I had to find a solution. And tadam! Precisely planned paper template, some glue and acrylic paint. I didn't think it would be so pretty!

Below is a detergent cap after some cut and paint. My mother has a bowl like this!

And at last a potatoe-presser. Everybody in my family said I couldn't do it. But I could! From a beer can.

Feb 11, 2010

Some more pastries

Now I don't know whether I make a kitchen or a bakery shop. But I really enjoy baking fimo! It's unstoppable!

Újabb gyurma termékek

I made experiments with fimo. I followed Angie Scarr's instructions when I made the leeks.

Making cakes is amusing and I enjoyed to decorate them.

Turning back to the country kitchen: : some eggs. The bowl is made of fimo. I'm not good at miniature painting. I need some practice!

Some fruit in a basket made by me. Simply I can't produce a nice basket. At this basket I used thread, but I'm not contented .
Comment: making grapes is a monotonic job. Perhaps with a good movie it would be more bearable.

Work with Fimo

I red a lot about polymer clay and I couldn' wait to try it. There are so many brands! I chose Fimo and I'm pleased with it. But it's so expensive'. I must try other brands too!

So I started to test Fimo. I produced some miniature foods randomly, see below:

The crust is too thick on my first bread. Later I try to be more crafted. The knife is my child too: revival of some wood and can from the dust-bin.

Furniture of the Hungarian farmhouse kitchen

At last I had time to take photos of the results of the last weeks. I made some pieces of the furniture of the kitchen. The painting isn't the best. The chair is a little bit chunky but I love it.. My favourite is the cradle.