Apr 27, 2012

Black sideboard

I'm still working on the garden breakfast scene, and meanwhile another still life is on the finish. This black sideboard is made for the magazine, too. Some details are still missing, a few books, a bowl of cherries, a bottle of wine and perhaps a rosary around the cross. Any other ideas? I would like this still life to be in mainly dark shades with spanish feeling.

 Sorry, I didn't make good on my promise to make my next sideboard with real doors and drawers. Now in a hurry for my publication, so I haven't time to experiment with miniature hinges and inner furniture structures. Maybe after I'm over this all...

Apr 23, 2012

Into the garden...

I'm still here, just a little bit engaged. There were some birthdays in my family, Easter, springbreak, garden works and many orders, thanks to you! Now I try to make a still life scene again, with a garden theme. This mosaic table will be the base for all. Making the mosaic pattern was very (VERY) time consuming, but it was worth the extra work. I used thin, baked fimo sheets for the pattern. I will add a garden breakfast tray onto the table with some flowers. This miniature scene would be the part of a magazine article, which I was asked to make some miniature summer food for. It's not a miniature themed magazin, since there isn't any like this in Hungary, but a gastronomical issue. But I think, it doesn't matter at all! So I'm absolutely in a fever. I want to make no less than the most amazing miniatures I've ever made.