Jan 30, 2012

My baskets

The basket making is just the same for me as the knitting for others. At evenings I sit in front of the tv and weave my baskets. Actually my hands are itchy, so I need something to occupy them.
So far I used only the pairing weave, but now I try to groom my baskets. My dream is to learn all the basket making techniques and to use them in one inch scale.

Jan 23, 2012

Tropical fruits

I'm under the impression of tropical fruits. They have so unusual an exotic shapes and colors for my european eyes. I tried to minimize some of them (first the simple ones, mangos, avocados and papyas) after only photos. Although there are some types in the supermarkets in Hungary (I think they are only crappy, aftercured versions of the original, delicious fruits), I know them mostly in cans.
For the complicated fruits (mangostan, starfruit and the others) I have to invent the best methods before making them.

Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I'm back again! There was a little break in my miniature life in the last month, but now I'm here again full of energy and ideas. I needed some time to rest after a whole year work and a special order of a miniature roombox. It was a christmas gift so I have to keep it in secret, but now I show you the photos. It was very hard to make everything after photos. The roombox is a study room  filled with old furniture and sweet things of the owner, and many many books. Everything is my own work, except the saxophone and the glass bottles. There is a little dollhouse room in the corner of the bookcase, this was the first time I work in less than 1:12 scale. My favorites are the ceramic doves on the sideboard.

Thanks for your kind comments all over the last year. I promise to make many new miniatures this year, too. I plan to make a series of miniature scenes representing old professions, workshop of a baker, a joiner, a tailor, and so on. I hope you stay with me.