Jul 27, 2011


If you have followed my blog for a long time you know my bogey is basket making. I experimented with a lot of materials to find the thin wire I use nowadays. But this time I met another problem. I wanted to line the basket with some white fabric to fit into the "White Harmony" scene. I tried all the white fabrics I had but everything had too robustic weave in 1:12 scale. At last I threw away the idea of using fabric, and I cut a piece of paper tissue. And it worked the best!   
I don't know what to put into the basket, perhaps some old books or yarn balls with knitting needles. It's open...

Jul 26, 2011

Dummy is finished

Yes, its white. Not the snow type but a little bit ivory shade, and of course shabby.

Jul 24, 2011

Dressmaker's dummy

Today I had time only for this wood carving. This dressmaker's dummy would be the part of the "White Harmony" scene, too. On the photos you can see the steps of the birth. It will be white, of course. Or do I overdo the whites in this scene?

Jul 23, 2011

Continuing "White Harmony"

At last the whole "White Harmony" scene was made up in my mind and had a little time to work on it. This is the little white shabby sideboard to be the center of the scene. It would be a perfect base for the  birdcage and the fruit plate I had made a few weeks ago. The tiny keyhole plate were made from paper. They are not so delicate as the real size one I've found on the internet, but in this scale this was the best I could do. There are many many other details in progress. I hope I can work much more faster than before.