Jul 29, 2013

Grilled deliciousness

It's summer and grill season. Actually, here it's so hot, it's a torture grilling or doing anything outside. Even the polymer clay is melting in my hands, but I'm persistent. My brain is melting too, I have no thoughts in there, so let me just show the pictures.

And this is the proof of a good food.

Jul 24, 2013

We love pizza

Pizza is another favorite in my family, right after the spaghetti. The biggest challenge was to make the sticky cheese on the top of the pizza, especially at the edges. There is an awful adhesive in Hungary, Technokol Rapid, which is so messy I can't use it for making miniatures. Its special attribute is leaving thin adhesive fibers all over the work. (And it smells terrific, it even causes headache.) But when I mixed it with some white acrylic paint, the "concoction" is perfect for melt cheese.
I made various flavors, pizza with zucchini, with mushroom and with peppers. The salami was constant. And of course I made my usual little scene, too.

Jul 18, 2013


I made some fish in the past, but it was only carp. Now I try salmons, and I made it a little bit more interesting by adding fish intestines spilling out of one of them. If your stomach is turning and you can almost smell the fish and the guts, I did something right. I hope you are not right before breakfast, lunch or dinner according to your location in the world. If you are, I'm so sorry!

Jul 1, 2013


That's it! I'm officially nuts! Or at least I made a lot of nuts. This time they are chestnuts, walnuts and hazelnuts. I still don't know what the hardest part was, making them or inventing the best methods to make them. I really love the results, although I have to come up with a better way of fabricating the spikes on the chestnut bur next time. I used sisal fibers, but it came out too thick. Maybe I should have used painted hair, like I wanted at the first place. First thought is always the best...
The leaves are mostly the perks of my big garden. (The chestnut leaves are from the internet.) I scanned them for printing onto silk paper.