Oct 22, 2010

And the miniatures goes to...

At noon I puuled out a folded paper strip with a name. And the name on the paper is MARTA (http://martapelliseg.blogspot.com/)! Congratulations! So my miniatures will go to Spain. Thank you for signing up to my giveaway, I'm happy you are so many to be interested in the Hungarian minis. I took a picture about the forgotten grapes. They are the part of the giveaway, too. Marta, please send me your address by an email (ebodzas@vipmail.hu)! 

I made a new Christmas mini, a gingerbread house. You can see the before and after stage of the house. I used acrylic paint for the icing and the head of a mechanical pencil for a tube. Next time I will icing the walls separately before gluing. I could hardly come at the parts of the house with the tube! As you could learn about me, I don't stand for extreme decoration. I like better the simple type, like the only white icing on this gingerbread house.

Oct 21, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

I love Christmas! It's always very tiring for me, but I still love it. It became more wonderful with the girls around me. They still believe in all the miracle about the whole thing, and it's so funny. And of course I prepare for Christmas in my miniature world, too! First of all here are some gingerbread cookies. The gingerbread is an important part of the Hungarian folk art. We make them not only at Christmas time, but for present mostly for our sweethearts. The so-called "written" gingerbread is very famous. I have no skill of decorating as the masters have, but I used all of my ability to make these tiny cookies. I mixed some white fimo with water to make it creamy, and pulled very thin fiber out of this mixture with a pinpoint, and tried to embroider the shapes. Now I have to make a pretty box for the cookies (or a plate?) and it's ready for my Etsy shop.

Yesterday the postman brought me a beautiful present from Flora. She never missed my posts and leaves very kind comments. I'm not a good commenter at all. I always be ashamed not to leave comments on so many blogs, but I have time to make it only on a few ones a day. So I admire Flora to be so attentive!
And her present is wonderful! I will put these minis into Edit's room. (New souvenirs from Italy.) Thank you, Flora! 

I contuinously develop my basket making technique. My latest invention is twisted raffia with glue. This bread basket was made by this technique. And for the first time I used my printable fabric I bought several months ago.

Only one day is to the drawing of my giveaway!

Oct 15, 2010

My giveaway

This is the great time to keep up my resolution to make a giveaway. These are Hungarian miniatures, a water can, a milk can, a big loaf of bread, a basket of apples, a plate of grapes and some peppers and tomatoes. I will pull out the name of the lucky winner after one week, on the next friday at noon. The only thing you have to do is leaving a comment on this post. I don't ask for putting a link on your own blog but would be happy if you did. Good luck for everyone!
I just realise not to put the grapes among the others! But a plate of blue and muscot grapes are the parts of this giveaway, too. I soonly make up the photo.

It was a very very busy week, and I'm so tired! I was engaged with an important work, but not a miniature at all! As I mentioned before we built a new wing for our daughters. And the last week was the time to make the insulation for the walls. It took me a whole week to finish the whole house, and now I have polystyrol beads even in my ears! But it's over, the plaster-work will be the next horror!

Oct 7, 2010

Vegetables are very healthy!

Not the fimo version, but I love to make them! The latest one is the kohlrabi. A made a polymer clay cane for the tiny leaf. The ready kohlrabi was put into a basket with other vegetables.

Oct 5, 2010

I want more time!

I love to make miniatures, but I have no so much time for them I'd like to have. We finished the new wing for the girls, two bedrooms and a bathroom for them. We spent the weekend with painting and taking the furniture from one room to another. All the house is a nigthmare. This is the perfect time to pick over all of our things! So the minis are the last this time!
I took Patty's advice to use more translucent fimo for the fin of the fish. The second carp is more better than the first. Thanks, Patty!

And I made two baskets into my Etsy shop, one for quinces and one for vegetables.

And I made some minis for the giveaway, but they are secrets!