Oct 5, 2010

I want more time!

I love to make miniatures, but I have no so much time for them I'd like to have. We finished the new wing for the girls, two bedrooms and a bathroom for them. We spent the weekend with painting and taking the furniture from one room to another. All the house is a nigthmare. This is the perfect time to pick over all of our things! So the minis are the last this time!
I took Patty's advice to use more translucent fimo for the fin of the fish. The second carp is more better than the first. Thanks, Patty!

And I made two baskets into my Etsy shop, one for quinces and one for vegetables.

And I made some minis for the giveaway, but they are secrets!


miniacollection said...

You are not alone wanting more time, but you manage nonetheless to still make beautiful things. I like your fish. You are a busy woman.

Patty said...

Bozse, The fish is so amazing! I thought your first attempt was great too. They look realistic! Your fruit and vegetable baskets are really wonderful too!! The girls must be so excited with their new bedrooms!!

Tiny Delights said...

Love your fish and vegetables. So amazing!


Flora said...

Cara Bozse, as I understand ... My daughter Elise was only 22 months, and my house is a nightmare too!Making miniatures with her around is like playing Russian roulette ...
And when she finally falls asleep, I'm so tired ... I go to bed too!
Your new creations are very beautiful, as usual.
Your give away will make my heart beat :-)

Anonymous said...

You do such beautiful work. I love coming by and seeing what's new.