Apr 16, 2013

The Africa explorer's desk

A new little scene with new experiments. It practically took me a whole week to finish. Of course it's not a surprise since I had to search the internet and make plans for everything in it. You all sure know the little paper triangles that cover a globe are named gores, but I didn't. I tried to describe them in google search, but the first results were just everything but what I wanted. Then eventually I found a very scientific website where I realized that these globe parts have their own names. After writing 'gores' into the search window hundreds of outstreched globe pattern in various style popped up onto my screen.
I was in trouble with the compass, too. It has to be a very delicate thing so any clumsyness was out of the question. I needed a perfect brass ring, and I found one. I cut the ring from the cap of a rotring mechanical pensil. Of course it was a dead pencil (or maybe not, but don't tell anyone...)
At the finish time I got a little carried away and I stole some fun into the scene. When I was young I loved the  Indiana Jones movies (still do) and the hat placed on the armchair is supposed to be my way to bring his spirit into my work.