Jan 24, 2010

My tiny world

At last I started on! On the one hand working (a lot of idea, theory, but only at the beginning), on the other hand taking my work onto the net to share with others.
My name is Erzsébet Bodzás and now I'm 35. I'm a landscape architect. My mania is gardening and making miniatures. A few years ago I made a dollhouse for my daughters (there were two of them at that time) as a christmas present. I went after the subject on the net and found a part of the people on this planet miniaturizing everything. I fell in love with that at first sight! I decided that some day I would try it for my own sake. Now this is the time.

I have no room in my house to park a new dollhouse, so I will make roomboxes. My theme: Hungarian farmhouse kitchen of the early 20th century. I found many useful photos and descriptions of original objects on the homepage of the Museum of Ethnography.

Well, now I have a cradle (I don't know why it would be in a kitchen, but it was made first), a table, a chair and a couch.