Feb 28, 2013

Apple tart preparation board

I made a new preparation board, this time it's apple tart making. My favorite piece of this scene is the tiny cinnamon bottle I turned on my lathe using plastic rod. I think I will never get bored with my lathe, I just love it. It gives me so many new possibilities!
Next scene would be some coffee flavored biscuit or cake since my new challenge is a perfect little coffee grinder.

Feb 16, 2013

Pasta display box

Old idea again, a pasta box. Sometimes the simplest structure prove to be the most difficult to make. I had a hard time with the little partitions of the box to make everything perfectly fit and perpendicular to each other. And I had to make the acrylic lid twice, since I accidentally scratched the first one (of course after it was totally ready with the handle). I add a tiny label with "Hungarian Miniatures" lettering on it to the box, that is a new thing for my work. A lot of people ask why I never sign my miniature. So far I didn't give it much thought, but it's time to change that. Of course some of my minis haven't got the place even the smallest signature, but the larger ones like the preparation board and this pasta box will definitely have it in the future.
Making the pastas... Now it's another story. A long long one...
Size of the box: 56 x 69 mm.