Nov 30, 2010

Basket again

Ok, I'm a basket maniac! At last I bought a book about basketry to learn the appropriate weaving techiques. Now I know how to make the different borders. But I have to practice a lot!
And I use wires I paint after weaving with the shades of brown and yellow. The weaving is not too even, but I like the result. 
On the last photo there is a basket, too, somewhere under the napkin. But the point is the content of the basket, tiny scones not more than 5mm in diameter.

And I have many many new followers I haven't welcome yet. Sorry, now I haven't flowers in my garden for you, but I'm very happy you are interested in my works.

Nov 25, 2010

Sweets of Colors

I'm in sweet fever! Nowadays I make individual pastries in various colors and shapes. As I looked at my works a logo emerged out of my mind. I sat to my pc and created my patisserie, Sweets of Colors.

It would be great making a pastry showcase!
I have many embarrassing problem with cream piping. I made some star shaped piping heads from various materials, but the results were mostly awful! Although I prefer creating my own tools now I coludn't choose but ordering piping heads from Miniature Sweets on Etsy.

I made some ornaments for my miniature Christmas tree. The tree is still under construction. I hope it would be ready soonly!

The last photo shows my mini figs I put onto my Etsy shop.

Nov 18, 2010

Hungarian Christmas

There is a twist about Santa Claus In Hungary. Our children (and we, of course) don't wait for him at Christmas but on 6th December, on Nicholas' day. Children clean their shoes thoroughly and place them onto the window, and Santa Claus  put little red bags of sweets into the shoes. Bad children get birches, too. The bag always contains a chocolate Santa Claus.

At christmas the little Jesus brings the gifts under the tree. Nowadays Santa Claus comes also at Christmas, I think this is adopting western customs. But it's a great thing we get gifts two times in December!

There are some essential details of the Hungarian Christmas table. We eat fish in any form, but mostly as chowder. Now I made grilled trouts onto my miniature table.

We always eat roast duck or goose, the whole family love it.

Dessert is the Hungarian speciality, bejgli. It's a rolled cake filled with grinded walnuts and poppy seeds. 

Another hungarian peculiarity is the Christmas fondant candy or szaloncukor originated from the 19th century. This candy is wrapped into metal foil. The wrapper is as important as the candy itself, because we use these sweets as tree decoration. The original szaloncukor was filled with fondant, but now it's made with other flavors as strawberry, caramel, cherry, coconut or jelly.

This last miniature is also connected to the Hungarian Christmas, because in my childhood we can obtain tropical fruits only at this time ( except watermelon). Good communism and shortage economy!

Nov 12, 2010

Let's feast!

When I first mentioned making foods rich in calories I didn't think only about pastries. This little piglet has been on my desk waiting alone for about a month. I always postponed making the garnishing and the wooden board. Today I collected all of my strenght! The large amount of colorful and healthy vegetables try to compensate for the fat roasted pig.

And, of course, there is a new little cake! This time a black forest cake, my own version.

Both are available on my Etsy shop. I hope everybody isn't on a diet!

Nov 11, 2010

Cake obsession

I wouldn't have think cake making was so funny. I'm sure I will "bake" tons of them in the future! This time a cottage cheese cake and a chocolate milk-loaf are in my larder. I used glass paint for the jelly.

I can't deny myself! I still love to make fruits, too. I tried to peel one of a great heap of bananas. 

I've already made a raw chicken, now I roasted a turkey. In Hungary we don't eat turkey only very rarely. I've never seen a whole roasted turkey before, so I had to serf on the net searching photos.

Nov 9, 2010

Sweet time

As the weather are getting colder my heart orders to make miniatures with much more calories as the fruits and vegetables have. And meantime I realized how I enjoy making miniature vakes and pastries and their fellows. To compose a perfect cake is like home decorating. You must take into consideration the colors, the ratios and the shapes. Here are the fruits of my sweet days.

Christmas is at the door and I planned to make so many miniatures I don't know how I would be ready in time. But the first Sunday of Advent is closer than Christmas, so I had to make this little wreath earlier. The wreath was made from a pipe cleaner. I had to paint it because I had had only pink color in this thickness.