Apr 8, 2010

When I mentioned laziness a while ago I lied a little bit. I worked on this study in secret, because it was made for my husband for his name-day. He was really surprised, though I couldn't overshadow the present of three years ago: then he got a baby girl.
Everything in the scene is made by me. The objects are related to my husband: the fantasy novels, the rock cd-s, the baseball cap, the CAD on the screen, the photos of our daughters on the wall and on the notice board, the calendar with the dog (2007 remained accidentally) and the box of cigarettes (alas!). I'm very proud of the chair, first time in my life I bent wood. I can't steam, but I red a good trick somewhere: I boiled the wood about ten minutes, then forced it onto a mug with two clothes-pins and it worked. I consider the leather briefcase and the pen on the desk are great jobs.
And there are things I' m not satisfied with: the keyboard and the paint on the lamp. These are so awful at close quarters!
The scene lives in a box with a mobile glass front.

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Norma Bennett said...

This is a special project and it is so interesting to know how you bent the wood, thanks for that information.