Aug 20, 2010

20th August

Today is the celebration of the New Bread and St. Stephen's day. So I made the bread, but I didn't get on with King Stephen. (He was our first christian potentate, and the founder our state about 1000 years ago.) There are many many great programmes all over Hungary, and I'm still sentenced to rest at home!

And I made some more fruits, plums and grapes. The grapes were only for color testing for a next project, a vintage scene and for an autumn fruit bowl. So I tried to mix the colors, and tested them before the  producing. The blue and the yellow are ok, but the pink is awful, maybe I blended too little transparent fimo into the mix. So I try on!


Susanne said...

Your bread and fruit looks so wonderful. The colors and details are great!
Love, Susanne

Unknown said...

El pan es espectacularmente real.
Las uvas estan muy bien la amarilla te ha salido en un tono que aquí se llama moscatel.
Besos Clara.

Annie Fryd said...

I´m amazed how real your fruit and food looks. Think you have a great sense of blending the colors and get the texture realistic...
Hugs Annie

Patty said...

Bozse, Your bread and grapes are so wonderful! I love the orange colored grapes and how translucent you have managed to make them! I hope you are on the mend even if I am enjoying all that you are making!!

Flora said...

Bread and fruit seem to have just emerged from a Caravaggio painting!
I said it all.
Take care, concern and resist the temptation to participate in the festivities :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

Nina in Germany said...

Wonderful minis !

miniaturista said...

El pan las uva , la fruta preciosos.
Un abrazo

elis said...

Wonderful bread! I loved the fruits. <congratulations!

rosanna said...

Wonderful food, I particurlaly love the plums. Take a rest and do not get out even though it's difficult to resist such an alluring program.Rosanna

Victoria said...

I love the grapes! And bread looks very realistic, amazing work!