Dec 8, 2010

New project

In the last two or three months I was engaded with my Etsy shop, but I very missed making a roombox. Many ideas are spinning in my mind, the first is an old Hungarian country kitchen, the so-called smoky kitchen. It didn't have any chimney, so the smoke left the house right through the door. Of course the floor was simple the packed soil. This kitchen always had a furnace, sometimes with a behive shape, like this. They used this furnace for baking bread and heating the kitchen in winter. There was a smaller spare oven next to the furnace for cooking in summer.
For the furnace and the oven I used box cardboard, then I coated it with gypsum. As you can see I used everything in our house to fixed the parts while drying. My husband had bought these weight discs to train himself. Do you guess how many times he used these plates? You can divide the number you thought by ten. Now I realized how they be right for keeping the parts from moving. And in the background there are my childrens' building blocks making the perfect mitre tool.

I made this tiny cheese board and the strawberry sponge cake for my Etsy shop.


CWPoppets said...

Who would have thought that weight discs are useful ? ;-)
Looks very interesting! I'm curious at how you will "furnish" it.
And thanks for not finding your coins and using a dice

Carol Kubrican said...

I can't wait to see the results of your smoky kitchen. This is a project that I have also thought about doing. My husband is from Bratislava, and throughout our travels, I have been interested in the wooden folk houses. Beautiful oven that you have made!

Minnie Kitchen said...

my god....that is genius!!! my husband would love it if I thought of it.haha! great work!

The Old Maid said...

Great kitchen! I want more of it soon! :D

Unknown said...

Un horno precioso. Muy bien ahumado :)
Tus alimentos siempre es un placer mirarlos.
Besos Clara

Daydreamer said...

Wow! Bozse, your kitchen is beautiful! I can't wait to see all the details it will have. I am fascinated by the "Old" styles of kitchen!

Oese said...

this is perfekt for my alpine hut. thanks a lot for sharing, I'll try it at the weekend too.
very interesting and nice blog, love to visit.

Sarah B said...

I have just found your blog and you have amazing craftmanship! I have been an avid miniaturist for about 10 years and your mini foods are the best I have seen!
Have you ever done a tutorial on a food piece? How do you make such little cookie shapes?
Thank you for your art!
~Sarah B

Tebbina said...

...du hast wirklich ein Supertalent !
Schaue deine Sachen gerne an !
Schöne Weihnachtszeit !

Jean Tuthill said...

Very nice kitchen. I hope to see more of it soon. Good job! I also like your food, it is very realistic looking!