May 20, 2010

Cookies for gourmand

Yesterday I made some cookies for the room. The owner of the room likes sweets just like me! (Who doesn't?) On close-up I can see the defects. I have to make up another technique for cremes and jams! I have to buy liquid fimo! And next time I will be more precise with the cutting and gluing. I designed the cover of the tin box. My own brand! WOW! The box diameter is 18 mm. All the cookies are absolutely handmade, I haven't used molds or presser.

This is an umbrella with bright color! It's unusual in my scene, isn't it? Sometimes I kick over the traces.

Yesterday my middle daughter, Sári has gave me the stick of her lollipop, "Mum, it would be right for something!". My dear assistant miniaturist!


Kikka N said...

The umbrella is cool! Just the right colour you need when it rains cats and dogs...! (And I love that color)

And the cookies then. They are perfect in my mind! They look delicious!

Flora said...

Mamma mia, that good!
The butter cookies in tin are my favorites, especially at teatime.
Yours are fabulous, also the granulated sugar :-)
The umbrella seems real, like everything you do.
Mini hugs

Merry Jingle said...

I love the umbrella, wonderful! And the cookies are mouthwatering :D


Patty said...

Wonderful realistic work!!! The umbrella is perfect......the cookies are making me want them with tea!

Alienora said...

Umbrella is great! The idea is very clever! And cakes look so tasty!
Kisses from Poland:)))