May 23, 2010

Souvenirs from abroad

I made a profile for the owner of the room. She is not a lady, rather a woman, a single one. She works in an office all day, often works overtime. She spends her holiday with travelling. Actually she is at home only at night of weekday. She bought this apartment lately, has no time to renovate. She likes old things she inherited from her grandmother, and also likes modern design. And her name is Edit!
These days I made evidences of her trip: photos, a leather album (fimo), frames (IKEA style). One of the frame has broken on the moving, it's waiting for changing glass.

I"ve also made some books of various subjects (design, art and travel).

And my favourite work of the last days is this brass sculpture. I imagined a woman sitting on the window shelf as I was bathing a week ago, and I can't get rid of the idea. I started it four times to be satisfied with the result. The fimo became too soft on sculpting, I always  left my fingerprints everywhere, so it was a horror at the first three times. Now it's OK, but doesn't like to be looked nearly.
Oh, there is a great crack at the corner beneath the window. This is not my creation, but perfect for an old room!

I have new followers, welcome here! These irises are for you!


Merry Jingle said...

Everything is fab again :) I love the broken glass on the picture and your statue is great, I couldn't do anything than a lump from Fimo in that size :D


Flora said...

I really like the work of psychological insight that you did...
So the miniatures take a completely different way and become only beautiful and perfect!
I seem to see this woman prepare the coffee in the morning, while still dark outside...

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

You make incredible miniatures! I love everything you do.