May 6, 2010

New tiny things

I'm in a waiting position. I've ordered some stuff for the roombox (wood, carton, glue), and the delivering is very very slow. So for the meantime I busy myself with making tiny things. Am I the only one who make the accessories at first and the roombox itself at last?

So I brought myself to do a plant: an Aglaonema. I'm satisfied with the result, so I will make other plants for the scene. The magazine stand and the kleenex box are for the Lady's room, too.

I want to make so many objects, and it's so irritating waiting for the package!

I send these irises and lilacs from my garden to my new followers! Thank you for following my blog!


Susan@minicrochetmad said...

You are very clever with your miniatures! I love the magazine rack and the aglaonema is exactly life-like!


Merry Jingle said...

The aglaonema is fab, I love also the plant stand :) And as usual, your minies are so nice :)

I know about the waiting, it's frustrtating. And what happens to me I get some idea and then realize that I don't have the materials to do it. Annoying.

I'm a master in doing the interior without having the house up - I have now boxes where I have collected the stuff for the interiors for 5 houses which none of them is build :D

Hope that your package arrives soon :)

Norma Bennett said...

It's all wonderful, it seems that whatever you turn your hand to works out just great!

Your garden looks so very pretty :)

Ascension said...

Te ha quedado precioso!!!!
Yo tambien hago cositas antes de tener la escena preparada, soy impaciente jejeje
besitos ascension