Jan 31, 2013

Pastry counter

I swear I gained about 6 pounds just on making this little counter. But it was absolutely worth it! It would have been the best to use real wood sheets for the counter, but unfortanely I haven't got any of them. For one it's very expensive and I can order it only from abroad (ridiculously high shipping cost!) and for two so far I couldn't find a carpenter in Hungary who would take on to make me some thin sheets. So I used plywood, and since the sight of the glued layers at the cross-sections was unacceptable for me with this piece I covered the edges with veneer strips. After precise sanding the trick is almost undetectable, I think.

I printed the paper bags onto sketch paper. Sketch paper and my printer don't see eye to eye with each other, so I have to glued the sketch paper onto normal paper on the margins before printing.

Now, would you like a piece of them?


SaMiRa73 said...

Ah, and I swear I gained another 6 pounds just by looking at your counter :-)))) For me it looks just perfect and the contains look very yummy! Wonderful work!
Greetings, Sandra

windypointminiaturesblogspot.com said...

So beautiful...it is gorgeous.

Fabiola said...

MMMMHHH! Yammy!!
The counter is perfect.
Bye Faby

Sans! said...

I never fail to come and look at your creations. As always, amazing!

Terefer said...


Anna said...

I can't even tell you used veneer, actually - well done. And the pastries look delicious!

rosanna said...

No words....simply stunning!

Muriellisa said...

J'adore !!!

Illyria Miniatures said...

Oh wow, this is an amazing piece! I think nobody notices the thickness. But just imagine if you can do this with pylwood, what you could do with real wood! Wow!
And I can't believe I've found such an amazing miniaturist so close to me. I'm from Slovenia and I thought that there weren't any people interested in miniatures in this part of Europe. Glad to see I was wrong.

Can't wait to see more of your work!