Jan 15, 2013

New year, new ideas

Happy New Year!

My first days of this year were terrible, I was down with some stomach bug. I had energy only to lay and look at the ceiling. I had company, too, my littlest soonly join me into my misery. Of course, she was in far better condition than me and watched cartoons. Her favorite is My Little Pony, and she had my blessing, since I thought the ponies were really cute. But after  a very long pony marathon I hated these pastel colored horses. By my entreaty my daughter chose another DVD. Now I hate Winnie-the-Pooh, too.
Love of my life rooted for my fast recovering, since our family were falling apart into tiny pieces without me. (His words, not mine.) Really, he still can't tell apart the kids' clothes, and doesn't know the buttons of the washing machine, and after his cooking the kitchen resembles a war zone.
My dear, on the off chance you would read this post, you know I love you, right?

But now I'm the old me, let's cut to the chase, new miniatures. I always admired the beautifully designed plated desserts. This is the year when I make my own miniature versions of these sweets. My first creation is a pear mousse cake with braised pear. I hope you like it!

These fruit baskets are not new ideas, but they are so good-looking side by side, I think it's a great picture in a new year post.

I made a promise to post more often this year, maybe I will make good on this promise. Maybe...


Kikka N said...

Good to see you are back!
Happy 2013 to you and your Family!
Sorry to her about the stomach bug...
to tell you, it sounds like just the same I have had for a few days :(

Your pear mousse cake looks so Wonderful! Perfect!
And the fruit baskets are very beautiful!

Indy_Poppy said...

The fruit baskets look really realistic. I hope your feeling better.

ANDA said...

Remélem már sokkal jobban vagytok! A képekből ítélve úgy látom, igen! Csodás a körtés tál! A gyümölcs kosaraid a kis ágakkal - utánozhatatlan! Üdv ismét köztünk!

Anne said...

Waouwww! Your first creation! It's wonderful! I love it and also the fruit basket! Merveilleux!

Flora said...

My dear, I am fully supportive with your situation: in fact, in my house, DVD are forbidden, to prevent the brainwashing with My little pony and Winnie!
The gastrointestinal virus here, hit hard at first my daughter (healed in six hours) and then both me and my husband, reduced as zombies for a whole week ...
In those long days, I would have paid to have a shred of new idea ...
I still have not fully recovered :-(
I am happy now that the worst is over for you.
Your fruit is always wonderful :-)
Mini hugs

JennyMooMeow said...

I can relate to your scenario with your daughter. I was home with my daughter on Friday after some dental work and it was all Wallace & Gromit, over and over. Anyhow, the pear mousse cake looks delicious!

PILAR6373 said...

Mmmm!!! se ve deliciosa esa mousse de pera!!!!!
Y la foto de las cestas es preciosa,nada mejor para empezar un nuevo y feliz año!!!

CWPoppets said...

I hate Winnie the Puh, especially the donkey with his terrible noise!
I can't understand how kids can watch the same movie over and over and over again!
Your dessert plates look mouth watering!

Marisa said...

I asked my husband to buy me juice (he passes 3 grocery stores on his way to and from work)..he got home without the juice so he went to the gas station and bought me a small juice for 3.00

they're hopeless..I blame myself

feel better soon

Fabiola said...

The pear mousse cake is delicious.
I like your fruit baskets.
Bye Faby

Pauline's Minis said...

I've just found your miniature site what a wonderful mind and a great talent you have to create these lovely pieces.
Pauline (UK)