Oct 7, 2010

Vegetables are very healthy!

Not the fimo version, but I love to make them! The latest one is the kohlrabi. A made a polymer clay cane for the tiny leaf. The ready kohlrabi was put into a basket with other vegetables.


Flora said...

Bozse, I started selling my miniatures to be able to buy yours!
In Italy cohlrabi is not very common - I do not know his taste - but here it looks good...
Now, this basket of vegetables is fantastic, I must have it!
I love your work and glad you are there ;-)
Mini hugs, Flora

Patty said...

Bozse, It is hard to imagine that the basket of vegetables are in miniature! They look incredible!

Unknown said...

El color y la textura de este nabo está perfecta. Siempre lo consigues.
Besos Clara

Unknown said...

Oh, Bozse, that looks yummy! Good enough to eat, especially the egg plant!