Sep 4, 2010

Autumn fruits

There are so many beautiful and delicious fruits in this season, I had to make some of them. Mostly pears! And I arranged some of my latest fruits into a coiled basket. I love the vivid color of the fruits!
The leeks are a sidetrack, but they have been missed so long from a vegetable basket. I used Angie Scarr tutorial for the leeks, but I modified it a little bit. They would look great with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers!

They will go into my Etsy store.
Meantime I worked on the country porch. The next step would be making plants for the foregarden, but somehow I haven't taste for it. Perhaps the terrible weather is the cause of my lazyness. I need sunshine for creation! But some pumpkin and gourd would blow away my blues! So I will make pumpkins and gourds, there are so many type of them!


Mancsi said...

Vééégre, új bejegyzés:)))

Imádom őket:)

Nagyon ízléses a gyümölcstál és a hagyma...eszméletlen!


(Látod,már nem is tudok felkiáltójel nélkül mondatot írni neked:D

Patty said...

All of the fruit looks so wonderful and I love the basket full of them! You are right about the colors! They all look great! Your leeks are wonderful too!

Unknown said...

¡Cuanta variedad de peras! Estan ya maduras para comer. Los puerros te han salido muy bien, con unas patatas haría una vivhisoise :)
Besos Clara

Jennifer Hatt said...

Patty, I love your items. I have added you to my fav's on Esty. Jenn

Minimami said...

They look great, so real!

The Old Maid said...

Beautiful fruits! Will you be having some walnuts in your Etsy store some day?:)

Bözse said...

Thank you for all your comments!
Yes, I will put my walnuts onto my Etsy shop.

Carolyn said...

What perfect pears ! They look delicious!!