Sep 13, 2010

The porch

These photos were taken some weeks ago, but I've forgotten them. There are still a lot of to do, but it's so great to see the whole scene. It reminds me of my great grandma's house more and more.

Now it's vintage time, so I make many minis about this theme. It's a traditional butt full of grapes (now available on my Etsy shop). I have some other idea in my mind, a wine press is already in making.

Now I go to play a board game with my daughter, Kate. It's the most important thing in this afternoon!


Carol Kubrican said...

Really beautiful! You have captured the feeling of country life perfectly!

Flora said...

Bozse, when I look at your photos, I never know if it's a dream or reality or... miniature!
Your porch is wonderful and the vat with grapes absolutely perfect!
I hope to soon make "a trip" to your store (allowing recession!)
A big hug :-)

Patty said...

Bozse, Your porch is so wonderful and has an "old world" feel to it. I agree with Flora that your items are so realistic that it is hard to believe they are miniature!

Annie Fryd said...

I can only agrre with the others. Your work are wonderful. You've really captured the country feeling. You have an artistic sense for the making colours look very realistic... The basket with grapes are amazing!

Unknown said...

¡¿Habias olvidad las fotos del porche?! No te lo perdonaría :)
Es una maravilla, todos los detalles me han encantado. Esa puerta exterior es perfecta.
Aqui ya ha pasado la cosecha de la uva. Es una fruta que reproduces de maravilla.
Besos Clara

Daydreamer said...

Very beautiful Bozse.... I agree completely with everyone else... it looks so real!
I had to laugh at myself because "vintage" over here mostly means "old stuff" rather than the wine harvest!! So I was looking for the old stuff, not the grape harvest! The grapes are very very beautiful and I'm sure they will make some great "old stuff" very soon! You are very talented!

Sans! said...

Bozse, it is work like your porch that made me fall in love with your work . You are my benchmark for excellence because I too love the "vintage" look. Hehe, I am like Daydreamer, I didn't link the word vintage with wine harvest :):).

Mancsi said...

Annyira jól megcsináltad, olyan mintha egy valódi tornác lenne 1:1-ben:)

El ne add, mire megérkezem, látnom kell!

Tegnap egész délután én is kirakóztam, meg játszottam Pannival:)