Jul 28, 2010

Slowing down

My project is going very slowly, because I had no time for it nowadays. But I managed to make some minis. I used paper and enamel paint for the bucket and the milk can. The vat was an experimenting before making a barrel for a future harvest scene. The shell is for the porch, carving from wood.

I made some tiny petals for geranium out of fimo. I choosed the harder way again. I don't know whether I will have nerve to arrange them into a flower or not, now they are resting on a plate waiting for me.

This is a stolen photo of the porch, just to arouse your interest! It's pity the sun is behind clouds, so the lights are not too good.

Some of you invited me to your giveaway to sign up for, and I didn't answer. I had made a promise when I had participated in the first giveaway, that if I won it I wouldn't enter into another one for a long time. And I won. So my promise is binding me, forgive me, please! But I follow up every giveaway and craving after your minis!
And another apology to my new followers for not follow their blogs, but there is an error on my computer. When my husband signed up for follower of my blog changed the Google account, and I can't rechange it, so I can't follow a blog as Bözse. It's very annoying, and we don't know the solution at the moment.


Flora said...

Hi Bozse, how much trouble the technology when it does not work!
Your minies are beautiful: I really like the milk container :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

Wanda said...

I love the enamel bucket and milk can!! Great job!

Life Adorned said...

love that milk can and the barrel!
ooh, and that rusty axe in the last picture. you have such an eye for these things!

Sans! said...

Your work is phenomenal! Love every bit.