Jul 5, 2010

The gate is ready!

At last I finished the structure of the roof, only the tiles are in the air. So many tiles to cut! Brrr!!! The board ceiling and the roof-beams are glued together, but not glued to the wall, so the roof structure is removable for the present.

I made a traditional board fence and gate. I enjoy searching the net for photos about folk architecture and objects. This latch on the gate was very common in the rural Hungary. The key is hanging on a nail on the gate column.  The carving of the columns was more elaborate in some territory. I choosed a simple type!

I have 80 followers! It's fantastic! I send these daylilies from my garden for you all!

There are two more hungarian blogs about miniatures! I talked two of my hungarian followers, who already had made some minis, into creating their own blogs. They have very clever hands! You can see their works here:

I hope their husbands are not very angry with me!


The Old Maid said...

It's beautiful! I know cutting tiles is not fun really;) but the effect is definately worth it!:)Thanks for sharing the links:)

Patty said...

Amazing gate!!! I love the roof so far too. Your pictures are so wonderful taken outside! It is hard to realize that this is a miniature project!

Mancsi said...

Mérges, de nem rád:))

Máris lett két új követőm, köszi:)

Flora said...

I guess, at this time, after supper and washed the dishes, you'll be making cutting tiles ... The porch is beautiful right now!
The photos are very effective and give the impression of being right there, in Hungary.
I like to see the progress of the work.
It is normal that you already have so many readers: you're an exceptional talent :-)
A big hug and good night, flora

Wanda said...

I just love your work. The aging is perfect! Your attention to detail superb!

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

You create wonderful detail, everything looks perfect scale, very old and worn and loved!!