Aug 7, 2013


I found a very inspiring photo about roast quails somewhere in the internet last week. I made some roast chicken and goose in the last years, but the quail is about the half of the size of a chicken, so making it is a great challenge. Usually I print two photos about the item I plan to modell, one in a scale in which I can see all the fine details and one in the actual 1:12 scale perfectly showing the needed measures.

I think if there is a profession in the world that requires patience, making miniatures is probably in the top ten. And I have so much patience! I wanted a delicate meat fork for this scene. So I took some beach rod and a steel rod, and set off to work. After some hammering and way more grinding and sanding I managed to make the fork head. The last step was clipping it off of the steel rod. And yes, on clipping it flied away somewhere in my workroom. But as I mentioned I have patience and I'm calm, too, so without even blinking I started to make another one. There was no way I could have found the first piece in the chaos surrounding me. After all, I need the practice. And the second one really took me less time to fabricate.

I owe an apologize to one of my reader (or maybe not only one), who was shocked by my theme of gutted salmons. It really didn't was my intention to upset somebody by showing the dying or suffering of an animal. But I'm an original cottage girl, and I know all the real steps you need to go through, if you would like to serve a meat onto your table. And to kill an animal is the first step of them. It's not nice, but necessery. And it's my artistic freedom to choose even such a terrible part of life to picture. I'm so sorry, if I disappointed anyone with that.


Heather said...

So beautiful! And also, I loved the gutted fish. I grew up on a farm, and I think it's important to stay connected with the steps it takes to put food on the table :).

Drora's minimundo said...

Both scales look delicious. You are not only a very talented miniaturist, but also a great cook.
Hugs, Drora

Linda Carswell said...

Really wonderful work, your detail is truly amazing.....congratulations to you for your stunning talent.
I also enjoyed seeing the bowl of peanuts in your etsy that must take patients, sadly I was too slow to purchase them.

Marisa said...

I lived on a farm so I know about things like that, it didn't offend me

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

I'm a country person so seeing meat before it is neatly packaged in plastic is normal for me. I loved the detail of the gutted salmon. If we wish to eat meat we should know where it comes from.

The quails are absolutely stunning!

Yolanda Morán said...

Unas comidas perfectas, maravillosas.
Un abrazo.

Flora said...

I just could see all your recent work (including salmon), and I find them absolutely extraordinary, because of their absolute fidelity to reality: every time I see your art, I think of Caravaggio (perhaps I've already said this in the past) .
I understand, by the care with which you "cook" the meat, that you are far from being vegetarian ;-)
Lovely hugs from Italy,

The grandmommy said...

It was hard looking at the gutted fish. I love to eat seafood and not naive enough to think they never had innards. LOL
Thank you for your realism including your succulent quails! said...

This is one of my favorite pieces that you have created. Everything that you make is always so life like.