Jul 9, 2012

My triplets

Nothing new on my worktable this time, but this row of billotts looks so great that I had to show you. Let me introduce you my triplets! I think there is no way there would be another opportunity for these three to resting on my table at the same time.



The Old Maid said...

They look really nice together.:)

elvira said...

un bacio

ANDA said...

Egymagában is csodás volt, de a hármas ikrek viszik a pálmát :)

Unknown said...

I'm your faithful fan. I love your triplets so much I could adopt them. Hats off to you, girl. You're the best.

Angela said...

Questi pezzi sono bellissimi...sono senza parole!

Eliana said...

The worktables are wonderful! Great work! ;)

cockerina said...

an amazing job as always!
seems like a game on the newspaper crossword puzzle .. "Find the differences" ... ah ah ah!
hot kisses from Italy .. Here are 42°!

Fabiola said...

Fantastic triplets.
Bye Faby

CLMT said...

Triplets! I love the term you used. I too have triplets lately which you can see on my blog:


Yours are inspirational!