May 31, 2012


I would like to make vanities, of course with mirrors. But I haven't got the faintest idea which material I can use for mirrors. I need  some foil or sheet with good quality fake mirror surface, maybe with adhesive blackside. Is there any like this and where can I get some? The real mirror is too thick and I don't know if I can cut it with my own tools. So if anybody have an idea for me, please leave me a comment, I would be really happy! I so much hate to have to stop a work not having the appropriate material! Thanks a lot!


Pepper said...

You can buy very thin mirror acrylic sheet which can be cut with a craft knife.

Try this link

Hope this helps =0)

pinehaven said...

If you can get to a scrapbook/paper craft store, they may have mirrored card stock.
I have used this before.
Comes in silver and gold.
The clarity is not as good as real mirror, though. Depends on the size of your desired mirror.

Patty said...

Borze, You can buy mirror replacements(temporary) at an auto repair shop. They are about 8 by 11 sheets with an adhesive back. They can be cut with scissors or a craft the way.....I LOVE how your lemons turned out.They look so incredible!

otterine said...

I use a similar plastic mirror sheet as Pepper linked works great and looks very realistic.

Unknown said...

Yes, Bözse, you can buy a mirror cardstock. In Germany you can buy candy, all packaged in a cardboard box with mirrorpaper inside. Maybe you can also buy in your country? It works fantastic. I can send you some cardstock.
Hugs from Craftland

Anonymous said...

Szia Bözse,
lehet kapni borkiöntőt (azt hiszem a Butlers-ben is volt pár hónapja), ami egy kb. 7 cm átmérőjű tükörfólia. Vékony, ollóval is vágható, ugyan nem öntapadós, de szerintem könnyen tudod ragasztani. Ha csak kis piperetükröt akarsz csinálni, akkor a tükörfólia szerintem jobb választás, mint a valódi tükör a vastagsága miatt.


Misato said...

I come from Portugal and here you have three options:

1. use real but thinner mirror. there are more than one thickness, thinner glass (about 2mm thick) is more fragile but looks the best. you can have it cut to size and shape at the mirror/glass store, but usually you have to pay extra for that. if you're using rectangular shapes, get a diamond glass cutter and a metal ruler at a tool store, it's not difficult to cut and with a bit of practice you'll be doing it like a pro! there are also diamond cutters for round shapes, but you'll have to search for them at speciality stores.

2. there's a fake mirror material you can buy at home decoration stores specialised in plastics and vinyl. it usually is bought by length, in a roll, has glue on the back and comes with a protective film on the front to protect it from scratching. some Barbie or other doll industrial furniture uses that. It's thinner than 1mm and you can cut it with a craft knife or scissors. It looks almost real but tends to get scratched or if it isn't completely flat to distort the image like a carnival fair mirror.

3. use mirrored acrylic. the good thing about acrylic is that it comes in many thickness's, there are also coloured versions and you can cut it into any shape you like with a small saw or file. it scratches, but not as much as the other plastic mirror. with a small heat source, like a hair dryer, you can also curve it. over here you buy it from speciality stores.

I hope this helps. :)

Bözse said...

Thank you very much! You help me a lot. I think, the best solution is the mirrored acrylic sheet. I promise I will share my experiences with you after trying.