Jun 24, 2011

Deli products

I've got a special request last week, deli products in old style into a counter of a rustic salami and cheese shop. The customer entrusted all the details to me, I got free hand. My way! This is the result. Today I sent her photos about is, hope she would like it!

Size of the scene is 80 x 50mm.


onbeingaminimum said...

It looks marvellous. I am sure your customer will be delighted.

Inês Paiva Raposo said...

Ficou linda a mesa dos enchidos! Muito real!

carmen said...

como no va a gustar a alguien semejante maravilla!

Carolina Gonzalez said...


Catherine said...

WOW! I can't believe it. What gorgeous work you have done. It looks so real.

About Me said...

Your wroks always make me excited. It's so real, Bozse!

Plushpussycat said...

Wow! They look so realistic--great work!

Anonymous said...

That's an extremely realistic display - your work is SO good.

Pamela ~

cockerina said...

My God, I hunger!
feast for the eyes, sorrow for the belly, because they are not edible .. :))
with the material that you do the pepper? oh that's amazing!
you are too, too good! ha ha!
kisses and good Sunday!

Flora said...

Bozse dear, I am sorry not have been able to leave a comment to your last post, but I summarize here, in a nutshell: you're fantastic!
When I was a kid, I liked to sit in the kitchen watching my mother prepare the food (now I cook fairly well), so now, I'd like to sit next to you to see how to create these wonders (although I do not think, after, I would be able to get the same result as in the kitchen ...)
Mini hugs, Flora

Bözse said...

Thank you very much!
Flora, if you plan to travel to Hungary in the future, you are invited to my place sitting beside me working together! It would be a very good meeting!

Susi said...

No le gustara........le encantara, es sencillamente perfecto, un toque maravilloso en tus manos, un gran beso y mi mas sincera admiracion.

Christine said...

I LOVE these! My mouth is watering looking at them.