Mar 28, 2011

My show

Saturday was a perfect day for me! I've got to know so many kind people! It was a great opportunity to show Hungarians the miniature world and they were so enthusiastic. I planned to go back the second day, too, but you don't believe what happened... Well, to say it elaborately at early dawn I lost my liquids in all ways you can imagine. So I spent Sunday in bed. I was so bitter and indignant at the "perfect" timing. At least the infection didn't come one day earlier! After all this weekend was absolutely positive even with the bad end!
I took some photos about my table . These are the results of the last three weeks. They can fit on a so small space!


Josje said...

How wonderful to hear your day was such a succes Bözse! And getting such positive reactions from non-miniaturists is fantastic.
What a shame you became ill and were not able to attend the second day, lousy timing indeed, unfortunately you can't plan these things. Maybe a little bit of stress was involved? But like you said, at least you did have a perfect Saturday. Are you feeling any better yet?

Josje said...

PS: I love the green sideboard with the pots and bread and cheese! Would look great in my kitchen :)

Ana Anselmo said...

beautiful work! I have just visit your etsy shop and I love your boxes of shortbreads.
Love from Lisbon

Patty said...

Bozse, I love hearing that your day was so fantastic! Everything you made is so incredible!! I LOVE that you have made another stove. I fell in love with the first one that you made......are going to sell this one???
Sorry to hear that you are sick! Hope you feel better soon!

Nicole said...

Your miniatures look so beauitful, Bözse! Great to hear you had a wonderful weekend even though you were ill. Hope you felling better now. Best wishes!

BuyWoWAccounts said...

It's a fun and exciting event to see beautifully crafted minis. Congratulations for a successful show you had.

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