Jun 8, 2010

Plate tutorial

I know everybody has the perfect way to make her or his own plate, but I'd like to show my method.
1. Print some plate pattern
2. Emboss the pattern with a pin
3. Cut a ring the same outer diameter as the plate pattern out of thick carton
4. Cut a circle out of fimo
5. Tke the fimo circle between the two paper piece: carton ring - fimo - paper pattern upside down
6. Roll over the "sandwich"
7. Take off the upper paper, so the pattern (tiny dots in this case) can be seen
8. Push down the fimo into the hole of the ring
9. Bake the plate
10. Sand the rim of the plate


The piece of the tutorial is filled with tiramisu. It's my best idea for a mediterranean scene. (And one of my favourite desserts!)


Susanne said...

Its a very good tutorial, thanks for showing!
Love, Susanne

Mirel said...

Thanks for shering! Your plates are perfect.

Flora said...

The plates are brilliant (thanks for the idea) and the dessert is delicious :-)